Which of your five senses could you do without? Get rid of touch, and you’ll be burning yourself on hot stoves and grating your hand instead of your parmesan. Lose your hearing, and you’ll miss the sound of the train right before it hits you. Who knows what nasty, poisonous things you’ll put in your mouth if you lost your sense of taste. And without smell, you might not detect that something is smoking and your house is about to burn to ashes. Sight might be the scariest of them all. How much do we lean on our eyes to know what’s going on around us? Lose your sight and all the colors of the rainbow are suddenly gone. Now imagine the way you communicate. Perhaps you accidentally bump into your friend at a local restaurant, you shake his hand, catch a wisp of his trademark cologne, enjoy the taste of the dish he recommended, and enjoy his animated way of telling a clever joke. But if you had no sight, perhaps you wouldn’t have seen him a few tables over in the first place. That spontaneous encounter might not have ever happened. That’s kind of what it’s like when you don’t have smart caller ID on your phone.

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Smart caller ID acts as your eyes anytime you dare to answer a call. Most of the time, you think you know who’s calling before you answer, but do you really? Here are five reasons you need smart caller ID.

1. It’s better than carrier caller ID

I don’t need caller ID; I’ve already got caller ID built into my phone. Yes, it’s true, your carrier likely already provides you with caller ID. The problem is, it’s really quite easy to subvert that system. It’s true that the FCC has finally begun to implement its plan to make voice service provider caller ID more accurate, but it’s still in the early stages and not all providers are required yet to have adopted the new protocol yet.

So what can you do? YouMail offers smart caller ID that matches incoming phone numbers on your phone against our vast database containing data we gathered from protecting over 350 million phone numbers and answering well over 10 billion calls. In other words, when it comes to identifying callers, carriers simply cannot match up to YouMail.

2. Identify real callers from fakes

Phone number spoofing is one of the primary tools scammers use to deceive victims. It’s how they manage to appear like the IRS, the FBI, or your bank is calling. The simple act of being able to identify callers with confidence and accuracy goes a long way in crippling those who would attempt to deceive you for their own gains. And as mentioned, carriers and the FCC do what they can, but smart caller ID is your best bet in shutting down number spoofing and filtering the fakers from the real ones whose calls you actually want to take.

3. Avoid scams

And why are there people out there playing games with carrier caller ID, number spoofing, and trying to pass themselves off as entities that they are not? Because they have so much to gain and so little to lose punching thousands of numbers into their robocaller and plumbing the general public until they find the few unfortunate souls who may be in a vulnerable enough state to get phished.

We’ve all heard their angles: they claim to be from the IRS or FBI, urgently needing you to give them your personal information or a large sum of money in order to clear you from prison and other trouble. Sure, may seem like a weak attempt to deceive you, but occasionally an unsuspecting person has a valid reason for a government agency to call them. It doesn’t take much to lower your defense and fall victim. Other times, the perpetrators pose as the CEO of your company, and you do not hesitate to give them whatever they ask for. Sadly, we all have weaknesses and scammers specialize in exploiting them.

4. Duck telemarketers

Not all attacks are malicious, many are just plain annoying. In fact, while 37 percent of robocalls are classified as scams, the next most common robocall type is telemarketing (25 percent). Think of those annoying calls you keep getting about your car warranty running out. ENOUGH ALREADY! They’re so common, it’s a joke. Just last year, two companies got busted for placing more than 1 billion spoofed robocalls hocking health insurance. Their spamming exploits garnered them a whopping $225 million fine by the FCC. Smart caller ID from YouMail can help you scream, “Enough is enough!”

5. Help in the fight to stop robocall attacks

When you employ the smart caller ID and robocall protection of YouMail, not only do you save yourself the heartache and annoyance of everything already mentioned, but you also help your fellow citizen. You see, the more calls you answer with YouMail, the smarter our robocall database gets, helping protect everyone. The proof is in the pudding: YouMail has stopped more than 1 billion robocalls from ever being made. Our tools can even help you get removed from scammers’ lists to prevent future attacks. We’re so good, our data is often cited by the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, NBC News, and many other trusted news sources as the authority on robocalls.

Get started with our free service available for both iOS and Android and see how smart caller ID can help you today.

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