You know those jingles you hear on TV and radio for local businesses? Just like a lot of pop music, they’re simultaneously annoying and spectacularly memorable. They really sneak up on you too. One day, you’re innocently watching the Ellen Show or Pardon the Interruption, minding your own business, when during a commercial break, a new jingle hits you. “Heh, catchy,” you might think. It starts to become annoying by the third or fourth commercial break. “Jeez, give it a rest already,” you scoff. The jingles often persist through the rest of your afternoon viewing, day after day. Soon, you’ve learned to tune it out — or so you think. Before you know it, after years of brainwashing, that jingle has burnt a deep groove into your gray matter. Its notes are as much a part of your DNA now as tying your shoes and using a fork. Then the moment of truth hits. Your toilet is clogged, the plunger isn’t doing its magic, and you have no idea where to find a plumber. Wait a second — that jingle. All these years, what was it they were singing?

Roto-Rooter, that’s the name

And away go troubles, down the drain!

In this article, we cover:

There is a psychology to the jingle. It’s an earworm. Again, just like pop music, while you may never confess to liking the musings of Taylor Swift, we all know the truth that “Shake It Off” is really hard to, well, shake off.

The jingle can take other forms. One that we at YouMail are well equipped to help you with is the vanity number. Vanity numbers are like vanity license plates or the best tweets: if done right, they can be clever and extremely memorable with an extreme economy of characters. In the particular case of vanity numbers, your best bet is likely to be extremely literal. Sure, it may be clever to make yours 555-CALL-BOB, but when it comes time to retain your number from memory, “call Bob” might not be the first phrase that comes to mind for your flooring company. On the other hand, 555-4-FLOORS cuts right to the point. “Call Bob” actually could work, but you better have branded yourself heavily behind the name.

So how much branding do you need for something to stick? It takes five to seven impressions for someone to remember your brand. Consistent presentation in branding leads to revenue increases of 33 percent. And it takes just 0.05 second for people to form an opinion about a website. In other words, your business needs to present well, memorably, and often to give itself the best chance at success.

Getting a Vanity Number Is Easy

While it may seem like quite the feat to secure your own vanity number to make your business more memorable, it’s really not all that difficult of an undertaking. YouMail offers the best second phone number app for both iPhone and Android. Our app allows you to instantly add a new line to your existing device. Add your local area code and choose from a variety of available numbers. You can even choose a nearby area code that you’d like to penetrate to expand your business’s reach. And don’t worry, your primary number will continue to function normally while your new virtual number simultaneously receives texts, calls, and voicemail.

With an affordable YouMail Professional plan, you can choose a vanity number that helps potential customers know who you are and what you do. Our services include more efficient call handling that better positions you to route calls and create answering rules. Best of all, the YouMail Ultimate plan allows you to keep up to 15 vanity numbers. Outbound calling minutes are unlimited too, so you never have to worry about the cost of calling customers back.

With a massive 25,000-message mailbox limit, superb voicemail-to-text, conference calling, effortless call routing, dedicated voicemail, smart greetings, and more, YouMail professional call handling featuring vanity numbers is the smart, efficient way to handle communications for your burgeoning new business or established small business. Get started with a vanity number from YouMail today.

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