A bouncer at any decent night club is a necessity. Without him or her, any old roughneck or ne’er-do-well could make their way in and trash the place. So we forgive them if occasionally they wear a two-sizes-too-tight shirt or seemingly play favorites with cooler looking people. At the end of the day, the club wouldn’t be worth entering if not for the filter the bouncer provides. But what of your phone line? You could think of your attention as the club and everyone who calls as the line to get in. It makes sense that you too would employ a bouncer to protect the place. But scattered in with the cool people you’d like to let in to your world, there are a myriad of robocallers trying to crash the party and muck it up with all their spam and scams. Well, it just so happens that the biggest, most discerning phone call bouncer in town is your voicemail app.

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“Oh-oh-oh, what’s a voicemail app got to do, got to do with robocalls?” you might ask in your best Tina Turner voice. Well, frankly, not much if you’re sticking with the default carrier voicemail your phone came with. Look, it’s perfectly adequate for the main job, but you’ve got options. Better ones. And one of the most attractive of these options is the ability to thwart the plague of robocalls.

Plague isn’t really overstating it either. In September of 2021, just a hair less than 4 billion robocalls were placed nationwide. For scale, Oprah Winfrey doesn’t even have $4 billion in her bank account. (How quaint.) All those robocalls in September average out to 12.1 calls per person or 1,500 calls per second. And as we see time and again, those in the South should be extra vigilant: every one of the top seven most afflicted states in the country, per capita, sit below the Mason-Dixon line. And though not all robocalls are necessarily unwanted — alerts and reminders (26 percent) and payment reminders (14 percent) are types of robocalls too — more than one of every two robocalls is either a scam (33 percent) or from a telemarketer (26 percent).

The list of specific robocallers in September is littered with bank scams, debit card spam, and debt collection scams. All of this information is readily available for your own eyes at YouMail’s Robocall Index, which is updated every month to bring greater awareness to the masses.

A Voicemail App Can Help

That’s all fine and good, but the question stands, what’s a voicemail app got to do with it? A lot, Tina. YouMail blocks robocalls for 11,000,000 users and 150,000 businesses. You see, the YouMail voicemail app provides the punch your robocall blocking efforts so desperately need. And our method is really quite ingenious, if we do say so ourselves. Our voicemail services include all the usual stuff you’ve come to expect and more. Not only can you manage your voicemail messages digitally like you would your text messages or emails (you can search, share, and access them from multiple devices), but you can preempt future robocall attacks.

What the what?!

It’s brilliant. When a known robocaller rings your smart device, your YouMail voicemail app plays one of those recordings:

Do-do-doo! We’re sorry. You have reached a number that has been disconnected or is no longer in service. If you feel you have reached this recording in error, please check the number and try again.

Robocaller success is based on “spray and pray” tactics. In other words, they don’t have time to fiddle around with what sounds like a dead end. They strike your number from their lists and move on to the next easy mark. And voila, just like that, you have done the equivalent of hitting the unsubscribe button on unwanted email spam.

And therein lies the beauty. This voicemail app isn’t a one-trick pony that can block some calls some of the time. It utilizes its basic voicemail features and an extensive database of robocall information to offer a more permanent solution.

And just for good measure, the YouMail voicemail app also does other things really well, such as deliver highly accurate voicemail transcription, smart voicemail forwarding, a more robust visual voicemail experience, auto reply, and more.

So the next time someone asks what does a visual voicemail app have to do with unwanted robocalls, tell them “everything.”

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