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New phone, who dis?” is no way to answer a business call, not unless colloquialisms are part of your trade. For most of the civilized world, we adopt a work voice and work mannerisms to project professionalism. When it comes down to it, there’s a lot of competition for products and services out there, and no one can afford to lose business because, everything else being equal, they presented poorly on the phone. It’s become extremely challenging attempting to meet and exceed expectations on the phone when the lines between work and home have become so blurred. You’ve seen it: television news anchors broadcasting from their homes, trials conducted on Zoom — at one point, Saturday Night Live was put on remotely. Now more than ever, you need to be able to draw that line between “work you” and “real you.” 

In this article, we cover:

One of the easiest ways to keep the real you out of your business dealings is by setting up a virtual business phone number. In essence, a virtual business phone number is a brand-new line that you can add to your current mobile device. No new hardware — no extra smartphone, desk handset, or any other exotic device — required. Select the right virtual phone number service, and you will be able to choose the exact area code and even the specific digits, if they’re available. And once you’re all set up, you can get right to work by sharing your new number with clients, employees, and vendors.

To set up a virtual business phone number, you’ve come to the right place. Setup couldn’t be more simple:

  • Create an account with YouMail
  • Enter your preferred area code
  • Instantly view all available numbers that you can reserve
  • Pick your number
  • Choose the YouMail plan (business or personal) that suits your needs

A YouMail virtual business phone number isn’t some limited, low-budget option either. Even though it can be set up in just minutes, you can send and receive calls and texts immediately, set up your voicemail inbox, and manage work messages all directly from your cell phone or just about any other device you use. And now, with your business communications filtered through your virtual line, you can more easily organize and separate work dispatches from family matters. 

In turn, your business will instantly become more professional. If you set up your line in a different area code, it gives your store credibility in a new neighborhood. If you set up a custom number that can be easily remembered or that expresses what your services are all about, BOOM! — instant credibility.

Additional Features Galore

YouMail Professional Plans don’t just stop at virtual business phone numbers. We equip burgeoning entrepreneurs and small businesses with a myriad of tools tailored to your specific needs. We roll utility, customization, and affordability into every one of our plans. The end result is a remarkably better mobile experience for you, your customers, and prospects. 

Virtual Phone Line

All YouMail Professional Plans include:

  • Professional voicemail greetingsCement your legitimacy by taking advantage of our professionally recorded greeting performed by voice talent that specializes in recording custom greetings.
  • Auto attendantWhen you’re unable to answer an incoming call (it happens), our auto attendant answers for you. Callers hear your professional greeting and are given smart routing options, such as alternate contacts, that they can be redirected to.
  • Unified inboxJust because we help separate work calls from personal calls doesn’t mean you have to juggle multiple inboxes. With a unified inbox, all of your messages — including those from your cell phone, your home line, and work number — can be transcribed into text and deposited into a single mailbox. The originating line for each message is clearly identified, and you can continue to have a separate greeting for each line. No more searching and managing multiple inboxes!
  • And more — There are many more features available on all plans, so rather than rattle off the entire list, you can check them all out here. Virtually every business function a small business would require is covered, including our industry-leading robocall blocker

Have more questions about virtual business phone numbers from YouMail? Check out our FAQ at the bottom of the page here.

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