Good defense is a multi-layered proposition. In football, there is the 4-3, the 3-4, even the 46 — all based on the arrangement of defensive linemen up front, linebackers in the middle, and defensive backs to cover receivers. In baseball, nine fielders are strategically placed around the diamond. In fact, in recent years, managers have bucked traditional placement in favor of “shifts” in which batter tendencies are anticipated. Shifts are so effective, many pundits have called for them to be banned in favor of more offensive action. In basketball, shorter guards typically defend the perimeter while taller forwards and a large center defend the interior space around the hoop. A truly good defense cannot be carried by one defender alone. If you surround Mike Singletary with 10 astrophysicists, Ozzie Smith with eight bags of dirt, Kawhi Leonard with four folding chairs — those defenses still won’t be good. Good teams need layers, just like Singletary needed Richard Dent, Ozzie needed Keith Hernandez, and Kawhi needed Tim Duncan. If you’re not into sports, we apologize for hitting you with a lot of random names. Nonetheless, the point stands, particularly in relation to robocall protection — if you want a good defense, one layer of protection isn’t usually going to cut it.

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We’ll keep saying it until we’re blue in the face: there is no silver bullet solution to robocall blocking. Despite the FCC’s STIR/SHAKEN protocol to eliminate phone number spoofing having gone into effect as of June 30 of 2021, robocalls are still a thing we all have to deal with. If you review YouMail’s Robocall Index, yes, robocalls have been on the decline since last summer, however, they still number in the billions with approximately 3.6 billion robocalls placed just this past December alone. That’s 115 million robocalls a day, nearly 5 million robocalls per hour, and about 11 robocalls per person throughout the month. And of all those robocalls, 57 percent were still the worst kind: scams (32 percent) and telemarketing (25 percent).

The Frontline: Robocall Blocking

What does a multi-layered approach to robocall blocking look like? The FCC’s best efforts with STIR/SHAKEN are a start. And hey, it takes no effort on your part — it’s up to voice service providers to get with the program.

Step two is using a robocall blocker, such as YouMail. Our technology has stopped more than 1 billion robocalls from ever being made. We set the industry standard for categorizing scams with the Robocall Index. Our index is so good, it’s referenced by hundreds of publications and organizations, including the FCC. Our data includes monthly robocall volume in the United States, including regionally, to highlight the worst offenders.

We use our best-in-class data to block robocalls at their source. When your phone rings, our tech automatically references the incoming caller against our library of millions of bad numbers. If there’s a match, we send the call to a “This number is not in service” greeting that wipes your phone number from their call lists. We use this method to protect more than 350 million phone numbers instantly.

Another Layer of Defense: The Virtual Line

What is a virtual line? A virtual line is a completely brand-new phone number that you add to your current mobile device. We allow you to choose any area code and customize the digits. Once you’re up and running with your new virtual line — and it only takes a few minutes to set up with YouMail — you’re free to share it with family, friends, clients, and employees to place and receive calls, texts, and check voicemail. Adding a virtual line to your life can also help separate your worlds, allowing you to keep business neatly compartmentalized away from your personal affairs.

Second Phone Number

When you add a YouMail virtual phone line, you receive the same premium robocall protection on your new number. In fact, that protection holds true for every one of your YouMail lines — up to 15 virtual numbers can be added, all blocking fraud, spam, and robocalls. No longer do you have to worry that by adding additional business lines that you will run yourself ragged having to deal with exponentially more junk. With the multi-layered protection of YouMail, not only will you be able to sniff out personal attacks waged on your business line — and vice versa — but the likelihood that any attacks will make it to your ears is greatly decreased across the board.

Have more questions about virtual phone numbers from YouMail? Check out our FAQ at the bottom of the page here.

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