Personal growth. Everyone would like to achieve it, but it’s a process. In a world where all of our needs are met on an individual level — personalized communications, “bespoke” products, bottle service — it can feel like a struggle to put up with even the slightest of inconveniences. Personal growth requires discipline. It’s understanding that life doesn’t always fit into nice, neat boxes. Have you ever thought that adults feel the exact same feelings kids do? We just know how to suppress our gut reactions and express them to the outside world more maturely. Usually.

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So there’s personal growth, and then there’s business growth. Small business sophistication definitely runs the gamut. Some have the know-how and resources to get buttoned up with process and procedure. Others just figure things out as they go — the fake-it-until-you-make-it philosophy. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. Adaptability is perhaps the most crucial skill for a small business owner.

Even Apple Started in Someone’s Garage

Imagine back when the Steves (Jobs and Wozniak) were just getting Apple off the ground. In a world before cell phones, surely they took calls on their home phones — you know, those odd prehistoric communication devices that didn’t fit in your pocket and were wired to the wall. The moment the Steves went to the trouble of having a business line installed (no small task at that time) over which to conduct real business, they achieved a landmark moment in their business growth. It’s true for every fledgling business.

In today’s terms, that growth spurt happens when we finally decide to set up a virtual business phone line dedicated to our business. Thankfully, we’ve graduated from the days of having to call Ma Bell to schedule a technician to come out to the office to physically wire everything. We’re even beyond the days when moving desk extensions around the office was a gargantuan chore.

Today, when entrepreneurs, small business operators, and employees need to get their phone lines in order, it’s simple. Firstly, our “desk” lines can now always be with us, untethered from the tabletops and phone cords of old. Secondly, smartphones and apps allow several of our

communications platforms to coexist simultaneously on as many devices as we like. All the better too considering how many Zooms, Slacks, Teams, and other platforms are out there. Managing multiple lines of communications is something most of us have become quite accustomed to now, if not just during the last couple of years. So what that you’re adding a virtual business phone line to the mix? Good!

Ok, Sold. Now How Do I Set Up a Virtual Business Phone Number?

We hate to be Johnny-on-the-spot, but yeah, we can help you with that. With YouMail, you can choose any area code and completely customize your virtual number. Are you a gardener? Check to see if (555) LAWN-MOW is available. Are you running a website building service? Look for (555) FOR-HTML. Do you relocate beehives? Try (555) BEES-OUT. The only limit is the number of digits (seven), your imagination, and what’s available in your area code. Once you’ve located the perfect vanity number for your small business, share it with your friends, family, clients, and employees to get started separating personal calls from business communications.

To add a new virtual business phone line, simply create an account with YouMail. Next, enter your preferred area code and instantly view available numbers that you can reserve. Once you’ve picked your number and chosen the best YouMail Professional Plan for your needs, you can hit the ground running.

And the beauty of YouMail Professional Plans is they all include all the same features. The best robocall blocking, a virtual receptionist, call routing, auto attendant, voicemail forwarding, conference calling, and more — everything a growing small business could need. Really, the big difference between our professional plan tiers is how many lines come with each. Our Solo plan provides and protects one virtual number. Ideal for the entrepreneur just getting his or her idea off the ground. Our Growth plan includes five virtual numbers, perfect for taking that next step from one-man-band to a small group. Finally, our Small Business plan covers 15 virtual numbers for the start-up that’s taking off into a company that’s here to stay.

Small businesses and entrepreneurs have specific needs, and no one understands that better than YouMail. If you’re ready to take your next step in business growth, get started with us now.

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