With nearly four billion robocallers and spammers reaching U.S. cell phones per month, it can be tricky understanding which calls are and are not legitimate. With Caller ID spoofing on the rise, it’s imperative to take utmost precautions in protecting yourself and your private information. Ultimately, you want to avoid calls from unknown numbers, but Caller ID can do much more than that. According to talkbase.com, “for the average person, caller ID allows them to selectively screen calls and not answer “unknown” numbers. For a business, caller ID can help companies to learn more about who is calling them most, where their biggest consumers come from, and how to increase connection rates and call backs.” With that said, you can see how Caller ID benefits both individuals and businesses alike.

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The details about Caller ID

The reality with your mobile phone today is this – a large percentage of calls come from telemarketers, scammers and robocallers. YouMail’s free caller ID app allows you to instantly identify any number, saving you time, money and awkward conversations. 

When you receive a call, YouMail displays the name, city and state (and often an appropriate avatar), so you can determine whether or not it was a real person. If the call comes from a flagged number, we’ll identify the type of scam clearly – such as “IRS Scam” – and send them directly to an out of service dial tone.

What Caller ID can do for you and your business

Caller ID can benefit both your personal life and business. For one, it can help you determine exactly who is trying to call you and whether or not he/she is legitimate. This can help secure your privacy and protect your personal information. In business, Caller ID can help increase revenue while decreasing costs. According to talkdesk.com, “companies that utilize automatic caller ID have benefited from a more efficient workforce and increased connection rates resulting in increased profit and decreased costs. This set-it-and-forget-it feature can have a huge impact on the effectiveness and professionalism of a company. It is so affordable, valuable and effective that your company can’t afford not to use it.”

With your current wireless carrier, calls often make it through without an effective caller ID. While the safest thing to do is ignore scams and robocalls, it’s impossible to distinguish real from fake numbers using your mobile phone today.

With the best caller ID app from YouMail, you get access to an extensive database of millions of flagged numbers. Our patented technology and proprietary data will increase privacy and security on your mobile device the moment you start using it.

How to get Caller ID

You can start using Caller ID today by downloading the free YouMail app in the App Store or Google Play Store. All you have to do is simply add your phone number and YouMail’s caller ID app for Android or iOS will begin protecting your mobile device. You can even add multiple new numbers to the same device and receive the same caller ID feature on each one.

To verify who is calling and use Caller ID to protect your security, download YouMail today.

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