We have some good news.

We have meaningfully improved our YouMail Plus service. Now we can comfortably say it will stop 100% of the illegal robocallers from ringing your phone or leaving you messages.

100%. That’s not a typo.

How can we make that claim?

Basically, when a number YouMail Plus doesn’t recognize calls, it won’t ring and the caller will get an audio captcha. That’s where the caller has to press a few specific keys to get through to prove they’re human.  Robocallers can’t do this, so they can’t get through.  Once a human passes the captcha, we know the number they’re calling from is safe when it calls you. That means they won’t have to go through the captcha again.

Don’t worry. YouMail Plus is smart enough to let your contacts through without bothering them. And YouMail Plus is smart enough to let good numbers through like your local pharmacy calling about your prescription.   It’s also smart enough to not let through known spammers. In fact, it can play them an out of service message so they take you off their lists and keeping your message box perfectly clean.

You can augment YouMail Plus’s behavior by telling it certain classes of calls it should always block, like private calls, international calls, calls with similar numbers, or calls within a certain range. If you know you never get those calls, you can just block them instead of having them go through a captcha. But YouMail Plus will do a fine job even without turning on that more aggressive blocking.

It takes just a few minutes to sign up for YouMail and upgrade to YouMail Plus. (Or upgrade to our YouMail Solo or Growth services, which also include 100% protection against robocalls, not only for your cell phone number but from any virtual number you get from YouMail.)

Our free service is still available and will block robocalls from known spammers. On top of that, it collects valuable data about illegal calling traffic that is automatically sent to carriers and enforcement agencies to help permanently shut down the bad guys. So simply by using our free service you are part of the solution to the robocall problem.

We have given our users a choice. Pay a small monthly fee to never be bothered by a robocall again, or use our free service and get fewer robocalls and help put the robocallers out of business.

5 thoughts on “No More Robocalls, Guaranteed

    1. The 100% robocall blocking is only for the paid service. The free service blocks roughly 1 million known spammers.

  1. What kind of questions does it ask? Or is there a sample to listen to? I just saw this feature today and I’m just curious. Thank you for this! I get too many of these calls. Finally paid for premium and it’s worth it!

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