Think of the last time you were going about your day and you received a suspicious or confusing text from an unknown number. Chances are, that was likely a spam text with the goal of trying to steal your private information. According to, “in addition to being painfully irritating, spam texts also risk exposing you to identity theft, malware infections, and other repercussions of giving potential hackers access to your personal information. To boot: It’s illegal to send unsolicited, spam, or commercial text messages to your wireless device without your permission.” Fortunately, YouMail has your back with its spam text blocking and filtering feature. To stop spam texts from messaging you, you need to add an extra layer of protection to your mobile device like YouMail. Not only does YouMail offer protection that helps you stop spam texts with features like call blocking, YouMail also notifies the authorities to help put the scammers out of business.

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What is spam text blocking?

Spam text blocking provides you with the peace and protection you need by preventing bad actors and scammers from reaching you via text. By blocking those on our spammer list, YouMail detects and filters spam texts so you can preserve your identity and protect your private information. Even simply responding to a spam text can put your and your private information at risk, so you’re better off blocking or filtering robotexts to be safe.

Why you need spam text blocking and filtering on your phone

Spam text blocking and filtering eliminates scammers trying to entice you to give away personal information via text. By blocking them, YouMail is preventing you from engaging in potentially harmful conversations. According to, “scammers send fake text messages to trick you into giving them your personal information — things like your password, account number, or Social Security number. If they get that information, they could gain access to your email, bank, or other accounts. Or they could sell your information to other scammers. Scammers often try to get you to click on links in text messages by promising you something.” With YouMail’s spam text filtering technology, your private information and identity are safe.

How to get spam text blocking and filtering

While YouMail is unable to block spam text messages from being received, we are able to filter them so they do not clutter your Messages app. The YouMail app would need to be installed on your device for the option to be available.

Once installed, please follow these steps to enable the setting:

  • Navigate to settings
  • Open your iPhone Settings and find the Messages tab.
  • Once the Messages tab is selected, scroll down to Unknown & Spam. It will be under the Message Filtering heading.
  • From here, make sure that YouMail is enabled under the SMS Filtering heading.
  • Once YouMail is enabled there will be a new tab in your Messages app. Any spam or junk text messages will appear there.

To block and filter spam text messages, download YouMail today.

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