With spammers on the rise and scam calls more prevalent than ever, it’s important to protect both your private information and your business. According to YouMail’s Robocall Index, there were 4.2 billion robocalls made in September of 2022. Having said that, how can you go about screening calls for legitimacy? Sure, YouMail does offer a great call screening feature that forces unrecognized callers to pass an audio test before reaching your phone, but you can also utilize YouMail’s virtual receptionist to screen business calls. Our virtual receptionist software also collects contact info for every caller, so you know exactly who called and how to reach them easily. Callers can even press a single key to be routed to another team member or a different number for you. Plus, YouMail stops robocalls at the source, blocking telemarketers, debt collectors and scammers forever.

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What is a virtual receptionist?

A virtual receptionist provides your business with a level of protection and personalization that is guaranteed to both guard your private information and satisfy customers. With YouMail’s virtual receptionist feature, you can automatically greet callers with a custom “away” text or email message whenever you’re unable to answer the phone. Your automated message can include a picture, logo, link to your website or a button to book an appointment. Not only that, since a virtual receptionist collects contact information from callers, you can quickly assess which calls are or are not important. That is an efficient screening process that can free up your time and allow you to devote more energy and effort into driving sales and revenue.

Why you need a virtual receptionist on your phone

No matter how productive you are, you simply cannot answer every call. With YouMail’s virtual receptionist app, you can rest assured that any missed caller receives a premium experience. YouMail allows you to greet specific callers by name and with a personalized greeting. This type of customization enhances your relationships both in business and life. What’s more, a virtual receptionist helps you screen calls for illegitimacy or fraud.

YouMail’s automated virtual receptionist then offers help, automatically transferring urgent calls and ensuring your business moves forward. Plus, our plans start at $13.99/month, saving you hundreds of dollars a month compared to hiring an actual receptionist.

How to get a virtual receptionist

Getting a virtual receptionist on your phone is easy and you can start as soon as today. Simply choose a plan and download the YouMail app for iOS or Android. Then, create your account and YouMail’s virtual receptionist app will begin supporting your callers. You can even add multiple new numbers to the same device and use your virtual receptionist for each one.

To start screening your business calls with a virtual receptionist, download YouMail today.

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