With so many things happening at once and so much extra noise day in and day out, it can be hard to find time in your day to listen to voicemail. Ultimately, you do not want to miss an important voicemail message from a family member, friend, or colleague. Fortunately, technology has continued to improve and offer some great visual voicemail options. Wth visual voicemail from YouMail, you can read and manage your voicemail all in one place. Visual Voicemail allows you to see who left you messages and then play or read voicemail in any order via text, email, or in-app. In doing so, you can access voicemail on-the-go, which allows you to scale your business and get back to doing the things you love. 

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With visual voicemail, you can clearly see who has been trying to reach you and subsequently has left you voicemail, which you can access either by playing or via transcription. You choose what to listen to and which messages to delete or save, while effortlessly calling or texting people back. It is the fastest way to get through your voice messages – period.

What is visual voicemail?

YouMail’s visual voicemail is cloud-based and goes way beyond what you would get from your wireless carrier. That means you can access, manage and forward your visual voicemail to other people through an app or through a web browser, and manage it on your phone, tablet or computer. You even access your messages through email alerts and automatically forward messages to your employees if you don’t listen within an hour of receiving. YouMail also includes voicemail to text message or email transcriptions.

What visual voicemail can do for you and your business

Visual voicemail is critical to the success and growth of your business. Ultimately, responding to customer needs right away is the fastest way to grow your business. With YouMail’s visual voicemail and forwarding service, you ensure that your team is on top of every issue and incoming calls are returned as promptly as possible. While there are many visual voicemail apps today, YouMail offers an industry-leading experience that’s accessible on any device. Whether you’re working on your computer, phone or tablet, YouMail delivers the highest-quality voicemail to text or email, so you can read your voicemail and not just listen to it. YouMail’s visual voicemail also automatically recognizes and filters out spam voicemails to protect your privacy. YouMail will even serve robocallers with an “out of service message,” which convinces them that your number is no longer working.

How to get visual voicemail on your phone

Getting visual voicemail on your phone is quick and easy. YouMail’s visual voicemail for iPhone and Android is 100% free. Our mobile app is free, as well as our digital service. If you’re already getting visual voicemail for free from a carrier, add YouMail to increase your features and set how you’d like voicemails to be forwarded without paying a dollar more. If you’re currently paying your carrier, it’s time that you get the service for free. YouMail also offers premium plans that give you more voicemail storage and higher transcription limits.

To get visual voicemail on your phone, download YouMail today.

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