As one of the largest technology companies in the world, Apple Inc. is trusted by millions of people. From laptops and tablets to cell phones, Apple significantly enhances peoples’ lives on a daily basis. Unfortunately, with tremendous success and notoriety, the potential for third-party fraudulent behavior is always a risk. While Apple is a perfectly legitimate company to trust, the Apple ID Scam is not.

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What is the Apple ID Scam?

With the Apple ID scam, fraudsters use fake Caller ID information to spoof phone numbers of companies like Apple to instill fear and worry in people. The scammers claim that there’s suspicious activity on your account or device to get your attention. In addition, these bad actors may utilize flattery or threats to pressure you into relinquishing private information, money, and even Apple gift cards.

Audio from the Apple ID Scam

“This is a security message in regards to your Apple ID.

Our servers have detected some suspicious hacking activity on your apple account.

As a result we blocked all access to your Apple data resources to protect a data breach.

Please do not use your Apple device until you speak to an Apple support representative.

Please refrain using any financial activity on your devices.

In order to speak to an Apple support representative, press 1 or 2 or ignore.

Thank you.”

Why the Apple ID Scam is dangerous

The Apple ID Scam poses a threat because your Apple ID is where personal information is stored, including contact, payment, and security information. Ultimately, this is used to buy things like music, movies, apps, and other subscriptions. If hackers gain access to this, they can do a lot of damage, including using it for their own benefit or selling it to others on the black market.

How to protect yourself from the Apple ID Scam

You can protect you and your family from the Apple ID Scam in a few quick and easy steps. A reputable call blocking app like YouMail will guard you from scammers looking to steal your private information. YouMail has your back—you don’t have to worry about receiving spam calls or annoying robocalls. Rather, you can get back to doing the things you love knowing that your personal information will be shielded from bad actors.

To protect yourself from the Apple ID Scam, download YouMail today.

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