According to YouMail’s Robocall Index, 4.7 billion robocalls were placed in November of 2022. That’s over 158 million per day and more than 6 million per hour. With that many spammers looking to disrupt your business and steal private information, it’s important to stop them. Fortunately, with a call blocking app like YouMail, you can protect your employees’ work phones with confidence. YouMail blocks fraud, spam and robocalls at the source. Its proprietary directory of “bad callers” allows them to flag any fraudulent number, reporting the block to you via push message and prohibiting the caller from leaving a message on your phone.

In this article, we cover:

What robocalls on work phones look like

Robocalls pose a legitimate threat to people both in and out of the workplace. While you want to take precautionary measures to protect you and your family from scam calls outside of work, you’ll want to stop robocalls from reaching your employees’ work phones. According to, “the danger in these types of calls range from money stealing scams to ploys to gain personal or business information to steal identities or fraudulently take over business accounts.” By allowing spammers to reach your employees’ work phones, you’re not only putting them at risk but also your business as scammers look to hack company accounts by looking for credentials. With one of YouMail’s professional plans, you will no longer have to waste time with scammers, spammers or robocallers as YouMail Professional will ensure that only your customers and prospects get through and get the experience they deserve to keep them coming back for more.

The danger of robocalls in business

Unsolicited calls asking your employees for personal information, pitching free products, or demanding money pose a real threat to your business. By allowing bad actors and spammers to reach your business lines, your company is at risk for various forms of identity theft or fraud. This can impact your income and livelihood. The most effective form of protection against scam calls is taking the right measures to prevent them from happening in the first place.

How to stop robocalls

Stopping robocalls from reaching your employee’s work phones is easier than you think. With a simple call blocking app like YouMail, you can set up personalized protection that suits your personal or business needs. With YouMail, you block robocalls at their very source. When your phone rings, our patented technology automatically compares the caller against our library of over to millions “bad” numbers. If there’s a match, we’ll instantly send the call to a greeting that says “this number is not in service” greeting. YouMail also helps maximize your business success. You deserve every chance to be successful, so ensuring prompt, professional and personalized responses for your prospects and customers is the edge you need.

To stop robocalls from reaching your employees’ work phones, download one of YouMail’s professional plans today.

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