Even with lawsuits that are designed to protect those wrongfully impacted, there are bad actors out there looking to exploit innocent people. Unfortunately, the Camp Lejeune Lawsuit robocall spam falls into that camp. The Camp Lejeune Lawsuit impacts thousands of people across the U.S. The United States Marine Corps base in Jacksonville, North Carolina was unknowingly contaminated with chemicals between 1954 and 1988 that cause cancer. This ultimately could lead to various cases of leukemia and other cancers for those who lived or worked there. While some have recently started receiving compensation for damages, others are still pursuing justice. Amidst all of this turmoil, it’s important to remain vigilant against robocall spam tied to the Camp Lejeune Lawsuit.

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What is the Camp Lejeune Lawsuit spam call?

The Camp Lejeune Lawsuit spam call is fishing out potential users to join the legal lawsuit against Camp Lejeune. Spammers and con artists are utilizing the information part of this lawsuit to exploit and target people with misleading texts, ads, and commercials.

Audio from the Camp Lejeune Lawsuit spam call

“Marines, their families, and citizens stationed at Camp Lejeune have suffered catastrophic metal conditions due to contaminated water resources. If you or a loved one were stationed, visited, or worked at Camp Lejeune between 1954 and 1988 and have been diagnosed with a major medical condition.

Press 1: You may be entitled to justice and compensation.

To be removed from our system, press 9.”

Why the Camp Lejeune Lawsuit spam call is dangerous

The Camp Lejeune Lawsuit is dangerous because it fraudulently takes advantage of people through the use of deceptive information and advertisements. Without proper protection, you can find yourself in the unfortunate position of identity theft or at the very least loss of time and money. The top locations of spam calls related to this scam are Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, New York, and Ohio. The top numbers used are (1-877-315-6403), (1-888-200-4038), (1-888-340-4802), and (1-888-231-6995).

How to protect yourself from the Camp Lejeune Lawsuit spam call

You can keep you and your loved ones safe from the Camp Lejeune Lawsuit spam call with an extra layer of protection. An app like YouMail offers call blocking features that will guard you from scammers looking to steal your personal information. That way, you can go about life stress-free while avoiding the deceptive tactics that these types of spammers are utilizing.

To protect yourself from the Camp Lejeune Lawsuit spam call, download YouMail today.

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