With so much noise floating around the Internet, it can be hard to determine who is and is not honorably taking your information. As a reputable and trustworthy brand, Google often plays a part of peoples’ lives in one way or another. Due to its large size and significant influence, scammers are bound to fraudulently exploit its name to achieve their goal. That’s why you should be aware of the Google Business Scam, which informs victims that their business listing will not be visible without their verification. It prompts the user to select a number in order to speak with a representative.

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The details of the Google Business Scam

The Google Business Listing Scam is designed to take users’ personal information. Ultimately, the scam impersonates a business listing verification from the Google verification department. Using scare tactics, the scam informs users that their business listing will not show without their verification. It then prompts the user to press a number to speak to a representative, which can lead to identity theft. The most called locations for this scam are Florida, Georgia, Texas, California, and Ohio. Numbers connected to the scam are 1-305-983-9763, 1-216-332-3499, 1-239-488-4121, 1-682-353-8769, and 1-321-342-9551.

Robocall Transcript

Hello your Google business listing is not showing up properly, and your customers will not be able to text you or find your location. If you are the business owner, press one now to verify or update your business. Press nine to opt out.

Why the Google Business Scam is dangerous

The Google Business Listing Scam is dangerous because it makes business owners think that their livelihood might be at risk. Since the scam transcript asserts that customers will not be able to text you or find your location, it can prompt innocent victims into taking immediate action to remediate the situation. With that said, the phishing techniques used in this scam are designed to fraudulently steal peoples’ private information.

How to protect yourself from the Google Business Scam

Fortunately, you can keep scammers at bay with a reliable call blocking app like YouMail. With advanced technology to both detect and block intrusive callers, YouMail is able to keep you safe from the fraudsters. YouMail’s free service offers standard call blocking from the worst robocallers, and its premium service (Plus) screens calls and blocks all spam, guaranteed.

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