With UPS operating all over the country and millions of people waiting to receive packages each day, scams become a reality that we all have to deal with. The UPS Parcel Scam, which is set up to take users personal information, has reportedly put many people in vulnerable positions. Without understanding the existence and nature of this scam, innocent people are at risk of putting their identities in harm’s way.

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The details of the UPS Parcel Scam

The UPS Parcel Scam is designed to exploit people and take their personal information. Through fraudulent and deceptive tactics, bad actors use phishing techniques to convince customers that they have missing packages that have attempted to be delivered. In doing so, the fraudsters are hoping to receive private information that can ultimately lead to identity theft.

Why the UPS Parcel Scam is dangerous

The UPS Parcel Scam is dangerous because it catches people off guard and attempts to steal personal information. Because someone is typically expecting a package, a notification about a failed attempt to deliver the parcel will likely prompt the customer into action. Ultimately, this can lead to identity theft or financial losses.

How to protect yourself from the UPS Parcel Scam

You can do a number of things to protect yourself from the UPS Parcel Scam. For one, be aware of any fake representative claiming to be from UPS. If they cannot provide you with a tracking number for your package, that’s an immediate red flag. To be safe, you can also always verify UPS’s phone number and call back. With the UPS Parcel Scam, fraudsters utilize phishing techniques and fake communications to try and get you to reveal personal information. According to UPS.com, “these communications will generally ask you for personal information and/or a payment in advance of receiving a package, or may indicate a need to update your account by obtaining personal information or a copy of your UPS invoice.” Having an app like YouMail on your phone will protect you from dangerous callers, which can save you time, money, and a lot of frustration.

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