Spam calls are rampant. According to YouMail’s Robocall Index, 4.3 billion robocalls were made in December of 2022, many of which are spam calls designed to deceive people. One such spam is the GBC Business Group, which tries to get callers to sign up for the GBC Business Group Service.

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The details of GBC Business Group spam

The GBC Business Group spam claims to handle a company’s incoming and outgoing calls for a very low cost. Since the service asserts that it handles sales, customer service calls, and order taking, it sounds enticing to many small business owners. With that said, the spam call is simply trying to get people to sign up and reveal private information in the process of signing up for the service, which can put safety and identities at risk. The most called locations for this spam call so far have been Texas, Florida, New York, Georgia, and California. The most tracked numbers for this spam call are (1-850-916-2997), (10-000-0000), (1-877-338-5832), and (1-855-760-7233).

Actual audio of GBC Business Group spam call

“Hi, I’m Jessica calling from GBC Business Group. How are you doing today? Glad to hear it. At GBC Business Group, we handle your company’s incoming and outgoing customer calls at a very cheap rate. These phone calls include sales, customer service calls, order taking, or any other problem your customer may have with your products or services. So if you’re interested in getting one of these services from us, please say yes.” 

Why the GBC Business Group spam is a nuisance

The GBC Business Group spam exploits innocent people by offering low prices for enticing services. When something like this seems too good to be true, it usually is. While moving through GBC Business Group’s prompts, you may be revealing personal information and exposing yourself to identity theft and loss of money. In addition, you could put your family’s safety at risk as well.

How to protect yourself from GBC Business Group spam

Protecting yourself from the GBC Business Group spam is easy. A reliable call blocking app such as YouMail will protect you from unwanted callers. With personalized protection and spam call detection, YouMail keeps you safe and gets you back to your day-to-day routine, all with the peace of mind that your privacy is not at risk.

To protect yourself from the GBC Business Group spam, download YouMail today.

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