Companies are constantly looking for customer feedback to improve operations. In a world where things move so fast amidst so much noise, it’s not easy to take time out of your day to fill out surveys and provide feedback to businesses who are looking to make changes. Whether or not you opted in to be contacted, representatives are always on the hunt. Rather than being caught off guard, you can take measures to protect yourself from spam calls like the Spectrum Customer Survey.

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The details of the Spectrum Customer Survey Spam

The Spectrum Cable Customer Feedback call is a spam robocall that has been sent to millions of consumers. The robocall informs users that Spectrum would like to conduct a customer feedback survey. First detected in 2019, the most called locations for the Spectrum Customer Survey Spam call are California, Texas, North Carolina, New York, and Florida. The most tracked numbers for this spam call are 1-800-846-8212, 1-833-536-1100, 1-855-259-0351, 1-888-411-5550, 1-800-756-7956.

Actual audio of a Spectrum Cable Robocall Spam

Hi, this is Spectrum calling with an opportunity for you to provide us with valuable feedback. We will attempt to contact you at another time. Thank you and goodbye.

Why the Spectrum Customer Survey Spam is a nuisance

Like many other telemarketing robocalls from service carriers, customer feedback surveys are often used as tools to upsell the customer to sign up for more services. Since most people do not opt in to receive these types of calls or communications, they are considered to be spam. Without proper protection against them, you might put yourself in a position to purchase something you did not intend to, or at the very least, waste.

How to protect yourself from the Spectrum Customer Survey Spam

The good news is that it’s quick and easy to protect yourself from annoying spammers looking to steal your time or upsell you on a service. A reliable spam call blocking app like YouMail stops spam calls, keeps your voicemail clean, and tells you why calls were blocked. This will put time back in your day and get you back to the things you love most.

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To protect yourself from the Spectrum Customer Survey Spam, download YouMail today.

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