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We’ve just released a new version of the YouMail app for Android phones that comes with enhancements, fixes and a lot of performance improvements to make your YouMail experience better than ever!

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Here’s an up close look at the improvements in YouMail Android 3.19

1. Improved Voicemail Notifications – The notification widget is more responsive and notifies you faster when you have a new message! You can take care of voicemails faster when you notice them right away. This update is meant to help you save time going through messages by keeping them from piling up in your inbox.


2. Improved Contact Settings – You can now change the avatars/photos for your Contacts much more efficiently. Make the most of this helpful improvement by easily updating your Contacts’ photos for better Caller ID.


3. Optimized Voicemail Delivery – The app now syncs faster to make sure that you always have access to your newest voicemail messages. With this simple fix, you’ll be able to access, listen, and respond to your voicemails instantly.

4. Smarter Message Playback – We’ve added better playback controls because you should be able to hear voicemails in a way that works best for you. Now with a single tap, you can decide to listen to messages over Bluetooth, speakerphone or handset.

5. Performance Improvements – We’ve squashed bugs and eliminated crashes. YouMail is now faster, more responsive, and more stable. We know everyone will love that!

6. T-Mobile Pre-Paid – We tried and tried, but since T-Mobile doesn’t enable conditional call forwarding for Pre-Paid customers, only T-Mobile customers on a monthly (contract) plan can use YouMail. To save you time and trouble, we now let you know immediately if your phone plan / carrier is supported or not.

7. Change Carriers on the Fly – If you switch phone carriers, you can now make the change inside YouMail without having to reinstall the app. This update makes it simple for you to continue using YouMail’s voicemail services – because we know switching carriers isn’t always that easy.

We’ve been working hard to give you exceptional service and an app you’ll love to use every day! Let us know how you like the new and improved YouMail, and tell us about any features you’d like to see in the future: [email protected]. We’re not done yet – stay tuned for more goodness in our next release.

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