Having multiple phone numbers is not a luxury of large corporations, well-funded small businesses or wealthy business professionals. In this digital age where most people rely on their mobile phones more than ever before, having a secure second phone number is now easy enough to attain that it should become the new normal for the average mobile phone user.

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You Deserve A Safe Second Phone Line

That’s right, you do deserve a second phone number, and you definitely shouldn’t have to hire a receptionist to make sure you never miss an important call. This is especially true for teachers, teaching assistants, and other faculty who are holding class from home via the internet and who still need to be accessible. The requirement for accessibility is paramount to maximize the learning experience, but this comes with a price for privacy and compliance for specific education regulations which can be more easily managed with a dedicated number.

With a second phone line you can customize your business or education experience and achieve the following three benefits:

  • Protect Privacy: Separate business and student calls from personal calls on the same phone or create a new number that sends the caller directly to voicemail. You can also have a single, unified voicemail inbox for all of your numbers, so all of your messages are in one place for easy response. The really good news here is that your privacy is automatically protected from robocallers, spammers and scammers so that only your customers and prospects get through and get the experience they deserve to keep them coming back for more.
  • Be Memorable: You can get the business or dedicated teaching number you’ve always wanted. Just think about the possibility of creating a vanity number to make it easier for your customers to call you. By choosing an easily remembered sequence of numbers or phonewords XXX-YYY-LAWN or 1-800-FBCOACH or 1-800-MATHFUN, you will not only delight your customers but also be easily recalled by your prospects. Most consumers have short attention spans so making it easy to get in touch with you will have them coming back time and time again.
  • Look Local: One of the best ways to extend your business or education reach and level the playing field with your large competitors is to have local contact numbers. You should be able to select from desired area codes to expand you’re your business coverage and compete more effectively. Having a phone number with an area code so that your customers have the sense that you are a local business, especially if you are in a large metropolitan with multiple area codes will give you the edge over your competition.

The great news is that when you get a second line you don’t need a second phone to go with it.

Why Bother Carrying Two Phones?

Believe it or not, you can use your mobile phone for both personal and business but still maintain the privacy of each. So, why carry two phones when one will do the job? While you are thinking about extending the power of your mobile phone, you should also consider that you shouldn’t be tied to your desk at the office with a landline either.

You shouldn’t have to miss another business opportunity and you should be free to conduct business from anywhere in the world. What’s more is that you shouldn’t need a special SIM card in order to maintain your North American presence without expensive roaming charges.

Easily Balance Personal And Professional

Separating work and home life is complicated, but it’s especially tricky when you’re forced to work from home. A simple solution to simplify your life is to combine work and personal calls on a single phone. “Sheltered in place” house-bound executives as well as small businesses, teachers and tech-savvy consumers looking to be more efficient as on-the-go professionals rely on their mobile phones daily to mix work and pleasure like never before. Unfortunately, robocalls have reached epidemic proportions causing billions in lost small business productivity, as well as resulting in frustrated consumers. You deserve multiple business numbers to make it easier for your customers to find and contact you and you shouldn’t have to pay for services like blocking robocalls. You also shouldn’t be stuck with the limitations your phone carrier imposes on you.

There awaits a much better mobile experience for you, your students, your customers and prospects where every ring counts, and your business can thrive. Increasing accessibility without sacrificing privacy is possible through a second phone line that you can customize and delight your customers, and it is easier than you think to get started. In fact, it’s free and you can get started in less than 5 minutes.

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How to get a second phone line for your business

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