In an ideal world, robocalls would be completely stopped at the source. That is, when the bad guys start up a new illegal robocalling campaign, it would be quickly detected, the carrier originating the calls would be quickly found, and the customer using that carrier to make these calls would be quickly shut off.

Well, we have good news! We’re taking leaps toward reaching the ideal.

Our recent partnership with VOXOX is designed to just that, helping to quickly detect and shut off internationally generated illegal calling campaigns before they get on the US telephone network.

But what about calls that get through other gateways that aren’t yet working with YouMail? Or calls that are originated in the US instead of a foreign country?

The next place to try to stop robocalling havoc is at the interface between service providers. Ideally, a carrier would have an effective firewall checking and bouncing illegal calls it receives from other carriers, so that those calls never get on its network or bother its customers.     

There’s good news on this front. We recently announced a joint partnership with TelcoBridges that does exactly that for their carrier customers. Every call that hits a carrier has to go through a session border controller (SBC). The gist of the partnership is that Telcobridge’s virtual SBC now has built-in access to YouMail’s unique robocall detection capabilities so that they can easily detect and bounce calls. This provides a  truly turnkey robocall mitigation solution for carriers, who merely need to turn it on to start protecting their subscribers and comply with impending FCC mandates around robocall mitigation.

Add this to partnerships like the one we have with Republic Wireless, and we’re excited that YouMail is now operating at all levels of the network to protect gateways, carriers, and end-consumers. We like to think we’re now like the guard dog that keeps the burglars out of the yard and even the neighborhood, before they can ever get near the house.

Woof woof!

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