As robocalls and spammers continue to wreak havoc on people’s phones and put private information at risk, it’s more important now more than ever to protect you and your family’s phones. In doing so, you’ll help ensure that no personal information is leaked to the wrong person. While stopping scam calls and texts may at first seem intimidating, it’s actually quite easy. An app like YouMail not only stops fraud and phishing calls from bothering you, but it is also how to stop robocalls from bothering anyone. When YouMail sees an illegal call, it can notify carriers, enterprises, and the authorities – so they can locate, take down, and punish the callers. We’ve even helped shut down COVID-19 scams in just days.

In this article, we cover:

The danger of scam calls and texts

Scam calls are rampant and pose a threat to nearly everyone. According to, “people lose a lot of money to phone scams — sometimes their life savings. Scammers have figured out countless ways to cheat you out of your money over the phone. In some scams, they act friendly and helpful. In others, they might threaten or try to scare you. One thing you can count on is that a phone scammer will try to get your money or your personal information to commit identity theft.” In addition, you can stay proactive against robocalls by understanding their volume and how they operate. The YouMail Robocall Index™ estimates monthly robocall volume in the US, as well as in various regions, and highlights the worst offenders. The index works by extrapolating the data collected from the many tens of millions of calls made each month to YouMail users. With your help, you can join the fight to help us shut down spammers for good.

Why you should stop scam calls and texts on your family’s phones

It’s important to take the necessary measures in order to stop scam calls and texts in order to protect kids, parents, and spouses. Ultimately, scam calls and texts pose significant risks and lure you into revealing private information that can lead to identity fraud. Utilizing a new scamming technique called “smishing”, cybercriminals typically act like someone you know and attempt to grab your attention with a nice message. According to Reader’s DigestUSA Today reports that the message may look like this: Beautiful weekend coming up. Wanna go out? Sophie gave me your number. Check out my profile here: [URL].” Even though you should never respond to a robotext like this, you can see why it might be tempting.

How to stop scam calls and texts

Stopping scam calls and texts is easier than you think. With the YouMail app, you can block spam calls and filter spam texts. Ultimately, this will protect your family’s phones and identities. In addition, YouMail has recently added a brand new call screening feature. When you add call screening with YouMail, you will immediately protect your personal information and identity from bad actors. You’ll instantly know which callers are legitimate and which are not through our audio captcha feature. It’s the easiest and most affordable way to start protecting yourself from spammers today.

To stop scam calls and texts on your family’s phones, download YouMail today.

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2 thoughts on “Stopping scam calls and texts on your family’s phones

  1. I find it interesting that most of my Spam/Scam come from and are traceable to a YouMail number, yet they claim to stop the same thing they enable.

    1. We never spam/scam. If you’re getting a call traceable to a YouMail number it’s because you hit verify in the app to verify you are activated correctly – and YouMail calls you to verify that YouMail answers (and usually those calls don’t ring, so it all happens in th ebackground). We’d be happy to dig into what you’ve got to better understand what’s going on. Please file a ticket with Thanks.

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